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Introducing New Categories & New Series: Storytelling to 'Shake the Earth,' Summon Justice

The phrase "shake the earth" came with permission from a mighty survivor of violent crime who is brilliant in more ways than one. When I heard it, I knew it was perfect to describe what I'm trying to do here: expose oppression, injustice, raise awareness and bring about change on systemic and grassroots levels.

So, very soon, I'm starting my first survivor story in the new category/channel dedicated to victims and survivors around the globe. That effort is booked about five months out. Also, I'm going to finish my own series on narcissistic abuse, with plans to continue to write stories on my own ongoing healing journey from that. That healing is unlike healing from other forms of abuse because it breaks your spirit. I've said it's like many cuts from a serrated blade. But I do not stand alone, anymore.

Beyond that, it is beyond time for me to start talking about what has happened to me in the last 10 years battling pancreatic disorder, homelessness, violent crime, and more. I've created ways to neatly categorize and serialize telling those stories here. A lot of people won't like it, but they never do.

I have a bit of advice. Don't engage in abuse in the first place and you won't be the subject of a journalist's story/blog. This is my witness and my truth as I experienced it.

Lastly, I do not want this effort of mine to be all about me. Since I went public on social media and here more than a year ago, when the feds took my pancreatic meds away, I've met many disabled, sick citizens, and survivors of all types of abuse and violence whose stories have not been told. I'm giving them a space here.

You'll notice a category for Massachusetts corruption stories but not yet Virginia, Washington, DC, or Maryland. Don't you worry. No blog is built overnight. I will be opening a category/channel for that part of my story and for others who faced similar injustice/corruption when the other series are more established.

Bit of an update on my health: Big pharma is doing what it does and I still don't have my pancreatic meds. I'm writing through it and still fighting. It's a mess, but I'm not waiting for the right time to start writing about these stories. It would never happen if I did. I may have to rest, but it won't stop the writing.

Ike Barnes raised me. Adversity is fertilizer for dreams manifest. He fought for his, against all odds and hope. My turn. I don't intend to let him down or go quietly into the night or any such thing called death.


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