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Oops! Pardon the Broken links to My Social Media Sites; This Site & My Body Are Under Construction

I am preoccupied, to say the least, preparing for two blog series related to the corruption that egregiously impacted my health and life for most of 2021.

While tweaking this blog for the two upcoming series, I was checking the social media links, noticed and fixed the broken ones. Like me, before the feds took my meds away, the links were working fine before something broke them.

I was almost "home," to a better life. It was the spring but the feds as good as knocked me into a cold winter's ditch. I feel broken, and I know I will never be the same. What I can do is turn this into "something," in whatever time I have left.

Now, I intend to channel my pain into telling this story from start to finish, and I will keep telling it, this time, naming the names, until none of us are suffering in the dark anymore, sick and scared, with nothing but confinement and corruption as the status quo.

The status quo ought to be better than this.


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