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Fighting Not to Drown Amid Pancreatic Mayhem

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Today, and for the last few days, I've been fighting unmitigated pancreatic pain because the feds decided part of my pancreatic pain protocol was optional. It most certainly isn't. I'm unable to write much, but I am telling parts of my story on YouTube and sharing it on Twitter, Instagram and a bit on TikTok. Sometimes, the only choice a woman has is to shout it loud. I'm about to upload a video on YouTube telling a bit of how my pancreatic hell started. I've lived in the shadows of private facebook posts and general seclusion long enough. I can't survive the weight of the federal government, the current corruption at the cruel hands of the current Commonwealth in which I'm forced to reside and others...forever.

It's not pretty. I'm worn, battle-weary, and exhausted, but it is said it matters not if your voice shakes, just that you raise it. So here I go. More soon. All of my social media, except fb (with whom I'm currently fighting a ridiculous battle over I don't know what; they locked me out of the account that I'm using for my writing work. So screw that, for now.) is under TWMB. So, The Write Miz Barnz will, well...write on. May justice prevail and the guilty be made to account. Until next time...and may there be, in fact, a next time.


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