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It's A (Very) Serious Matter...On My New Profile Pic

In the 90s, Aaron Tippin had a song, "Kiss This," and a lyric in that song is "and I don't mean on my rosy red lips..." It was a classic "kiss my ass" country song about jilted love. My old profile pic was me blowing a kiss. It might have been taken in the spirit of kindness.

But this blog is about kicking ass and taking names, telling the stories many are going to wish I didn't. That "kiss" was an Aaron Tippin "kiss this" (but in a southern dare: "I wish you would!), y'all. Can you tell I'm a country girl? The other reason I took it down was because it was originally taken for my abusive ex, and he is squarely in my rearview! I love the pic, hate the memory.

There are some serious things going on that have to do with harm to me on the state and federal government level, and I'm not in a laughing, kissing or smiling mood. I am in a typing one! I won't be smiling in their direction for a while. I'm not quite ready to talk about it but I'm going to write a ton about this corruption and I bet a whole bunch of folks won't be smiling either. I intend to cyber wipe those smiles clean off their faces.

So, yeah, it is a serious profile pic. I mean business. Type soon, y'all. E


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